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We specialise in assisting parties in conflict to deal with their legal matters.

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We understand that property settlement at the end of a relationship is both stressful and essential. We are highly skilled in negotiating timely and effective property settlements that are fair and equitable. 

Even in situations where you feel like you just want to "walk away", it is essential to get proper legal advice. 

Contributions to a relationship occur through financial, non-financial, and home-maker contributions. The relationship is a partnership that creates equitable interests, and our job, post-separation, is to separate out the parties' equitable interests so that both sides can move on with their lives. 

Call us to book an appointment to discuss the correct process for addressing your property settlement. It is highly recommended that you seek legal advice at the earliest possible time, before making any agreements. 


There is no such thing as "custody". Custody was abolished in 2006, and replaced with the presumption at law of equal shared parental responsibility. 

It is the starting point, now, that at the birth of the child, all children have a right to a valuable and meaningful relationship with both parents, and their parents' family. 

We often deal with parents in current states of conflict. We adopt a future-focused approach, where our aim, ideally, is to get all the parties back on track and moving forward, where appropriate, post-separation. 

Where we are dealing with young children, it is reasonable that the parents are going to need to be in each other's lives for the next 10+ years, and we view our jobs as solicitors, as trying to get the parties back on track as effectively as possible, without increasing the conflict. 

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"The end is part of the journey." ~Tony Stark

You've separated, but you have not got divorced? The simple fact remains that you are still married, albeit not living in the same house and living as husband and wife, however legally, you are both still each others' next of kin, and continue to have substantial legal interrelationships. It is important, at the end of a marriage, to finalise the divorce for a range of legal reasons. 

We are able to assist you with your divorce matters, whether you were married in Australia or overseas. 

We are experienced in dealing with complex divorce matters, such as unlocatable spouses, parties from non-English speaking backgrounds, separations under one roof, and applications commenced in the Federal jurisdiction. 

It is essential for you to have legal advice prior to making an application for divorce, to ensure that you are aware of any time frame constraints in relation to the property settlement of the marriage, and parenting issues that can arise. 


Creating a Will minimises tensions between survivors and ensures your loved ones are looked after, and your wishes are carried out after your passing. 

Where you fail to have a Will in place, your Estate will be resolved pursuant to the Administration Act (WA). The act prescribes how your Estate must be divided subject to your family structure at the time of your passing.

It is often the case that people prefer to make specific gifts to loved ones and to divide their Estate differently. 

We offer fixed fees for Wills, Mirror Wills, Enduring Powers of Guardianship, Enduring Powers of Attorney, and Codicils. Our service includes complimentary binding of your original will, plus two certified copies. 


Our main focus as family lawyers is to assist you and your family to move past conflict post-separation.

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